Mobile Technology
30 July,2013

Mobile Technology

While each mobile application has its own set of unique challenges, most projects follow the basic development process outlined below. This process ensures that your project is developed on time, in budget, and within scope.


Before we even submit a proposal, we ask the proper questions to understand exactly what the app needs to do, what features need to be incorporated, and what our client’s NEED versus what they WANT.

Once we have an understanding of your app, we provide a detailed proposal, outlining exactly what needs to be built, and what responsibilities we have. One of Accella’s advantages is our firm, fixed pricing. The proposal that you receive is what will be billed, barring any major changes to the project’s scope.

- iPhone Mobile Application Development

Infotechs design & development team has been creating iPhone applications since the App store first opened in 2008. We have experience building business, training, gaming, entertainment, non-profit and database driven applications.

Working through each phase of development from defining a scope of work to rigorous testing and app deployment, Accella project managers are well versed in making sure our projects finish on time, in budget, and within scope.

Common Features in Mobile Applications
1. Unlimited Image Scrolling
2. GPS Locationing
3. Accelerometer
4. Touch Screen Utilization
5. Push Notifications
6. Text, Web, and E-mail Integration
7. Social Media Integration
8. Picture & Video Taking/Manipulation
9. Database Synching
10. Web Services

Our Mobile App Development Process takes our clients from design through development and deployment. We have had success in migrating web applications to mobile platforms as well as reviving broken projects from other developers.


- Android Mobile Application Development

Infotechs develops mobile applications for the Android platform, either starting with an idea from scratch or migrating an existing iPhone or web application to the Android.

Infotechs approaches each Android application with the same project management approach that we use for building websites, web-applications, and other mobile phone applications.  We help our clients define their concept for the application, design the user interface and backend database, develop and test the app, and then finally launch and market the app.

Through a systematic approach, we have been extremely successful in working with clients to migrate existing mobile applications to the Android platform as well as develop specifically for Android using the available API tools and Java programming language.

Mobile application development includes:
1. Application Design
2. Application Migration
3. Application Development & Integration
4. Vigorous Testing (We literally try to break the App)
5. Submitting the App to the Marketplace
6. Marketing
7. Updates & Maintenance

While each app has it’s own set of unique requirements, the project manager will follow Infotechs's tested project management approach:

1. Define
2. Design
3. Develop
4. Deliver
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