29 July,2013


The term Search Engine Optimization Search Engine (search engine optimization) describes all those procedures that need to be made to the structure and content of a website to be as friendly as possible to search engines. The ultimate goal is a high ranking website and increase website traffic through organic results, ie results of Internet users searching on search engines with keywords (keywords) relating to the content of the website.
One of the important elements that should be included on the site to assist in better ad valorem in the search engines are relevance (relevancy) between the title, the description, the keywords and the content of each page.
Web optimization steps that follow, summarize the actions we will take to ensure higher the ranking of the website, the results list of search engines, like Google and yahoo. The following steps convert web optimization website to friendly visitors - buyers and also attractive to the search engines. The optimization is a process that applies only to home, but in each, in order to follow the rules requiring search engines. Will implement the following changes for each page of the website:
Study Structure Content
 It is a necessary preparation for the detailed study on the Internet market on competition and research about which keys are used so that we can differentiate our position over others.
Page Title
The title of your page should be unique and informative in every page. Especially on your homepage, it is necessary to use the company name unless it contains keywords. This step web optimization, is one of the most important steps.
Meta tags
We created separate descriptions and keywords in each page of the website.
The headings of your website
Creating titles associated with the content of the text and use keywords in it, is an essential step in the optimization since search engines pay particular attention to the headings of the website.
The text of your website
Make sure the text of your website has enough content on each page and all subparagraphs be related tags.
Optimizing graphics on your page
Many people ignore this important step web optimization. For the optimization of websites, it is necessary to control the graphics and photos on your website in order to be the smallest possible size without altering their analysis.
Optimize the loading time of your page
The page load time should be very small. Google has included this factor, since the smallest page load time, increases user friendliness.
Create easy system navigation
An easy system navigation is easy for both the search engines and your visitors. Creating an excellent navigation system, helps search engines to easily navigate on your site and enter the list of most pages of your website.
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